The Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution (CAP International) is a coalition of 35 grassroots associations in 28 countries united around a common objective: the abolition of the systems of prostitution and trafficking in Human Beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation (THBSE).

CAP International is an advocacy vehicle for frontline NGOs and a global convener for change. The members of CAP International provide direct assistance to victims of prostitution and sexual exploitation and/or advocate for the adoption of abolitionist legislation in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle-East and Africa. Our members work with, or are founded by, survivors of prostitution.


  • 1. Design and implementation of CAP International's communication strategies

As we are an international coalition formed by independent member organisations in many countries, an important part of the success of this mission will depend on CAP members’ common understanding, ownership and endorsement of our communication strategies, and on our capacity to include and mobilise them within these strategies.

To do so, the Communication Officer will be expected to:

- Develop / update relevant communication strategies for CAP international, in consultation with the staff of the International Secretariat, and taking into consideration the needs and realities of CAP member organisations;

- Bring these strategies to CAP members and ensure their endorsement and participation;

- Evaluate and monitor the impact of these strategies.

  • 2. Coordination of international communication operations

CAP International’s 35 member organisations in 28 countries have an extraordinary potential in terms of communication and sensitization. The exploitation and development of this potential by the International Secretariat of CAP is a key element to make the Abolitionist narrative more present and resonant both on the issue of prostitution/THBSE systems, and also on a variety of societal issues that foster the development of those systems (sexism, poverty, racism, neo-colonialism etc.)

In order to do so, the Communication Officer is expected to:

- Initiate, support, coordinate the implementation of international communication operations with / between CAP member organisations;

- Make sure those operations are adapted to CAP members’ specificities in terms of contexts, languages and resources;

- Establish a direct communication channel with all communication officers of CAP member organisations;

- Establish a direct communication channel with communication officers of CAP strategic partners;

  • 3. Improvement of the visibility of CAP International's initiatives, events and publications

The third main focus of this mission is to better highlight the actions, events and publications of CAP International and to improve its communication tools. In order to do so, the Communication Officer is expected to:

- Develop and structure the contacts and audience of CAP International, both in the media and in the civil society. The aim is to create and enrich clear databases for CAP International's communication;

- Manage the redesign process of CAP International’s website;

- Develop CAP International’s online community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and generate attention on social networks by creating new trends, be up-to-date and proactive regarding current trends;

- Design and implement communication plans related to the release of publications (reports, videos…), to the organisation of events (CAP World Congresses, conferences) or other actions (calls to actions, calls to donations) carried out by CAP International;

- Improve and manage CAP International communication tools, including the external newsletters, brochures and reports;


CAP International is a movement based on strong abolitionist values. It is therefore essential that CAP Communication Officer shares these values, and has a thorough understanding of the prostitution and THBSE systems.

The International Secretariat of CAP is a small but very dynamic team which, in recent years, has achieved significant accomplishments in a context that can sometimes be challenging. Its success is based on several key elements:

- A strong spirit of solidarity and care among all staff members;

- A strong determination to advance our cause;

- A constant willingness to create and advance our own agenda rather than having to react to that of others;

- A capacity to work autonomously, while maintaining a good level of information within the team;

- A strong consciousness of the value of the actions carried out by CAP member organisations, and a sense of pride in serving their efforts to abolish the prostitution and THBSE systems.


- Master degree in communication / campaigning / politics / development or a related field;

- Must demonstrate superior research and verbal + written communication skills in French and English;

- Fluency in Spanish and other languages are an added value ;

- Previous experience in communications campaign management, planning of special events and development of communications strategies. Special attention will be given to candidates with at least 2 years of experience in a similar position;

- Must exhibit proficiency with the electronic communication, computing, communication and networking software, list serves, the internet and social media;

- Strong creativity, communication, networking and facilitation skills;

- Artistic / graphic design skills are highly appreciated;

- Integrity in representing the organization and its work to all partners;

- Experience in project management in a multi-cultural team and strong organization to work effectively;